BMW 3 Series is an important car for Beemer as much as for all luxury entry-level sedan classes. This is the best-selling model in the ranks of Munich, and it is considered the benchmark of the driver’s car since his birth. Although driving pleasure is diluted when the current generation arrives and is clear, we have a more entertaining proposition in dealing with the department lately from Jag, Alfa and Caddy, BMW 3 Series moniker is still almost mandatory when certain marques tend to produce sports sedans. Recently, Kia Stinger and Genesis G70 chose Beemer as a dynamic role model. So, the upcoming arrival of 2019 BMW 3 Series is great news then.

2019 BMW 3 Series

Some time ago, BMW or Mercedes did not follow Audi’s philosophy of very high visual similarity among various brand models. Rather than Stuttgart increasing the game to a new level with sedans and coupes hardly distinguishes in their style in various echelons, while “blue propellers” take the bait later. Today, BMW Series 5 and BMW Series 7 have never been more similar, while new BMW Series 3 according to spy shots is destined to follow closely.

The grid is getting bigger and now the familiar headlights of the larger sedan brother join the larger surface with it. The test images of donkey tail lights are fake units, but we will openly expect them from Series 5 to be slimmer or slimmer. Or they can play design games that are presented on M8 GTE race car, X7 Concept, or seen in X4 test mules that open the sunscreen.

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When the current generation debuted in 2011 it brought a huge leap in interior improvements. This ended the forms and forms that were boring and very uninspiring, and that broke the previously concluded agreement with cheap plastic. However, the introduction of new C-Class made the Beemer embarrassed and new Audi A4 did nothing, so the game had to keep going. Spy photographers caught the cabin, partially closed, and it seemed that the complete change was on the menu here.

We have a new steering wheel in resemblance to larger brand sedans, but it seems that the dashboard does not follow the same principles, but there are some unique approaches, although we are not sure because of the camera. The lower home console updates the iDrive button, while the transmission lever is similar to the new one from M5, indicating that this maker might plan to abandon the “obelisk-shaped” approach that was present for years, while the new central armrest did not appear Beemer – that is at all.

New BMW 3 Series will use the new CLAR platform, which supports the latest BMW 5 Series and BMW 7 Series, along with the new X3. That will imply less weight and a few extra inches for both the wheelbase and the exterior. The engine circuit paired with 8-speed automatic must follow up, but the power boost and efficiency are expected. Currently, the 2.0-liter turbocharged L4 increases 180 or 248 hp, while the 3.0-liter L6 produces 320 hp. The 2.0-liter turbodiesel is currently rated at 181 hp, while the plug-in hybrid version has a power rating as the L4 gasoline is stronger, but the current range of 14 miles is just poor, and significant changes may be hiding there. Also, anticipating the pure electricity model to arrive in the future is not too far away and we will say that besides the full M model, which is only mandatory, Beemer might introduce a lighter M performance to handle S4 and C43 AMG.

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2019 BMW 3 Series may debut during the second half of next year. Pricing strategy must mimic the present, which means starting with $ 35.000 in the case of the base gasoline model, $ 40.000 is needed for a stronger version of the same engine unit, diesel is almost $ 42.000, the PHEV model is above $ 45.000, while the six-cylinder mill knock $ 49.000 from your pocket.

If the M Performance model arrives, it will push the price above the margin to estimate three or four thousand, but will bring more power and reduce the sense of M in return. We believe that this new Beemer is destined to go faster, more luxurious, more refined, but that it will take its toll on driving more excitement, it must be seen.

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