Among the car market segments that are currently developing are SUV-coupe segment. Thus, news about the new coupe crossover is only emerging. One company that creates trends is BMW. So it’s no surprise that we’ve written an update on their 2019 BMW X9 SUV. This segment is actually so hard that after three years, the Munich giants launched a new generation of BMW X4. The prototype seen this time seems to be M40i sports version. Another option is that it can be a vehicle from the lower ranks with M package. The large exhaust pipe behind shows that it’s probably M version.

2019 BMW X4

If you look at the back of 2019 BMW X4, you might mistakenly think that the taillights belong to GLC Mercedes. The assumption was of course wrong because BMW swam in the sea of ​​the SUVs long before Benz jumped in. 2019 BMW X4 nameplate is one of the pioneers of this segment.

As for the strength under the hood, there will be a difference between regular and BMW X4 M. The latter will be range-topping with an output of 500 horsepower. This power will come from a six cylinder biturbo engine. Although it sounds amazing, the M version will arrive in 2019 full year after regular installments. Now, talking about standard one, it will drain the power of a single turbo engine that will come with 355 horsepower. The same output number is available in the current model. The Bavarian company thinks that this is enough to rival GLC 43 and SQ5.

According to which always has the best insight about the situation at BMW, there is a possibility that the M40i comes with 360hp on BMW X3. This will be an upgrade in the current version. This will be assisted by M40d which has 320 hp. BMW X3 will also come with M Performance Package. So, we will wait for the X3 release later this month and then we will know more details about 2019 BMW X4.

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So far BMW has followed a 7 year production plan with all their cars. However, they will decide this cycle with the upcoming2019 BMW X4. Not long ago it was confirmed that the second generation of BMW X4, codenamed G02, had spied on heavy camouflage. However, the changes are not as big as we expected. In contrast, the new 2019 BMW X4, though a new model, looks more like the latest version of the current car.

The design is similar, while most rumors also suggest the interior will not be too different. However, this car will likely receive more engine choices and will probably get new teeth running too. This alone must be worth waiting for mainly because they will solve most of the original car problems.

2019 BMW X4 will be based on the new BMW CLAR architecture that was first seen in the new BMW 7 Series. It uses an all new aluminum spaceframe while also allowing BMW to strengthen the main area of ​​the body with carbon composites. This means that the weight falls above its predecessor while its structural rigidity increases with a considerable difference. Given that BMW X4 that comes out does not have a great driving dynamics from BMW, this new platform must allow it to shine.

With a new chassis, this car is also expected to get all new running equipment. It seems that the suspension components will mostly be made from aluminum to reduce unsprung weight. With the help of a new steering rack, 2019 BMW X4 must be what it should be.

2019 BMW X4 : Exterior, Interior Feature

We report recently that 2019 BMW X4 will be very similar to its predecessor and so far this seems correct. The disguised prototype that was seen recently was seen to be largely identical to the ongoing model. The wheel arch, the entire roof line, front fender, hood and front window are identical to its predecessor. However, the rear window including the rear glass is still new.

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This is likely to have been modified to enhance the look while maintaining the coupe look. The rear of the car also offers a new roof-spoiler, a smooth rear-mounted rear wing, new tail lights and a new bumper with rectangular exhaust. On the front it seems the car will receive a bigger kidney grille and BMW Series 7 inspired lights. This change should allow BMW X4 to shine.

Although there is still little information about the interior of 2019 BMW X4, it is safe to assume that he will share most of his cabin with the upcoming BMW 3 Series. Expect a more minimalist dashboard that looks with a screen mounted in the middle and fewer buttons than before. This car is likely to receive a fully digital instrument cluster, material that is slightly better on the dashboard and maybe a new rear seat. The last one has been rumored for a while and changes to the rear window can mean that. Some also suggest BMW throw a 5 seat layout altogether to go for 4 individual seats which will definitely make it a little more premium than before.

2019 BMW X4 Engine, Performace, Specs
The basic version of 2019 BMW X4 is likely to carry an old 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 engine. It is made between 181 and 242 horsepower and may receive a small bump to make it closer to 250 horsepower. The 3.0-liter inline 6-liter turbo engine is also likely to remain. Engine will probably make anything between 310 and 370 horsepower for the top end M40i version. A set of diesel engines that offer between 190 and more than 310 horsepower must also be available.

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With this generation it looks like BMW will release a new trim level with M40d. It is estimated that this will boast north 340 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. BMW X4 M high performance is also a real possibility. This might get the same engine with M3 which is known to make more than 450 horsepower. A 6 speed manual might not be the most, if not all, model will be equipped with 8 automatic acceleration and all wheel drive as standard.

2019 BMW X4 : Release Date, Prices

Considering that the Munich-based company is currently completing work on the BMW X3 the introduction of the 2019 BMW X4 will only have to wait. It is not surprising that BMW X3 has priority because BMW X4 is currently built on its architecture. This will change for future models, but even so, this crossover release is not scheduled for this year.

Most likely that a close production model might be seen during this year. The finished vehicle will most likely be displayed in the early months of 2018 with the sales date set for the summer months of the same year. We think this is because BMW X3 will be displayed during June this year, officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and sales will begin before the year ends. A similar scenario is what is expected for 2019 BMW X4.

This vehicle price has not been published. This is normal because the development of the new 2019 BMW X4 has just begun. Consider transferring to a new platform, upgrading the interior and adding new features prices will rise. There is no doubt about that. The current BMW X4 edition is priced at $ 46,545 for the base model. The top level xDriveM40i applies to the price of $ 59,095.

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