BMW X5 is the first SUV by German automaker BMW. Back in 1999, it was a step forward. With all-wheel drive, an alternative to automatic and manual transfers, this crossover triggers a lot of interest. Since this segment developed. Competition is difficult, especially with the new Mercedes-Benz GLE on the way, but this model is still popular. There are many factors for this. Initially, it was a reliable and safe vehicle for household travel. The robustness of all components and parts makes the owner less worried because of maintenance. Classy interiors will use spectacular comfort and infotainment features. These are just a few examples of why 2019 BMW X5 will continue the legacy of this line.

2019 bmw x5


Some updates on the BMW X5 2019 will make it fresh. Greater air consumption and a new bumper design dominate the exterior appearance. On the other hand, we will see the kidney lattice again. This is a trademark of this model. Now, it will be a little bigger. Also, the headlights get a new shape. There is nothing radical, but it makes X5 more interesting. Inside, SUVs can compete with glamorous models on the market. With the latest infotainment, navigation, and security systems, we need time to get together with all the features. There will be room for all passengers, consisting of legs and comfortable headroom. Also, the shipping area is large enough to take luggage.

2019 bmw x5 pictures

2019 bmw x5 exterior

2019 bmw x5 interior


During the previous 20 years, X5 has always been innovative. All-wheel drive includes the brand name for all its history. The second generation in 2006 brought the xDrive system. It’s in the 3rd generation of this SUV. The main redesign must be done after 2020, so 2019 BMW X5 will bring drinks to the crossover. That means the engine lineup remains the same. There will be two units of V-6 and one V-8. One of the V-6 engines is diesel. Some professionals think that the company will offer four-cylinder drivetrain. Finally, there is a hybrid model that is very possible for the upcoming season.

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Because there is no significant change in the 2019 BMW X5, the rate can begin with the previous model level. It shows around $ 57,000. Updates in the cabin can’t make it much more expensive. However, the V-8 and the hybrid version will discuss $ 60,000, and over the class edition, maybe more than $ 70,000.

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