2019 BMW Z4 Engine and Specs

2019 BMW Z4 is one of the most popular variations of BMW automotive companies in the world. This type is the first product of a sports car from BMW which is equipped with a folded roof design, so that it can be opened and closed again by using the automatic button. The color choices are also very good, so the impression is more luxurious and elegant on this BMW car. Not only that, German cars can also run at speeds of up to 140 km / h in an open roof.

2019 BMW Z4

Because 2019 BMW Z4 is specifically designed as a sporty car, it is no wonder that the body of the car will not be far from a sporty impression, like indentations in some parts of the car. But do not forget also with the design of the car roof that can be folded with only 19 seconds to be able to open it, this car is also decorated with LED lights decorated with corona rings and grille and bumpers specifically designed to add to the luxurious impression of BMW cars.

Engine and Specifications :

The engine used also has a power of up to 2,500 cc 4v with six cylinders and is added with power that reaches power up to 150 kW at 6400 rpm and maximum torque of up to 250 nm at 2,750 rpm. Security and safety are no doubt. 2019 BMW Z4 is also equipped with a very dynamic steering wheel, SRS airbags on the head and also a chest cavity, DSC, iDrive, which is of course a seat belt. Besides that, the tires used are also high quality and high technology tires, even without air pressure and that must meet good tire standards.

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When talking about prices, generally this type of sports car is not far from the price of billions of rupiah. So it’s not much different from 2019 BMW Z4 which was specifically designed as BMW first sports car. This car has a fantastic price, but it’s actually not much different from some other BMW variations. The price of 2019 BMW Z4 is still unpredictable. Prices will not be a problem, especially for you sports car lovers who have more budgets, because there are many other sports cars that are much higher than the price of 2019 BMW Z4.

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