The original BMW I8 came in 2014. Five years later, he still made a lot of heads, thanks to his super futuristic design. However, it also has several disadvantages and that is the reason why this company is considering a completely new 2020 BMW I8.

2020 BMW I8

According to some reports, BMW engineers have worked in the second generation, which will come even better. The focus will be on the new powertrain, although we rely on new things in other aspects as well. The new maodel will arrive in one or two years.

2020 BMW I8 Exterior, Interior

When it comes to exterior design, we hope from 2020 BMW I8 to continue with the recognizable super-futuristic style approach. Of course, the company will continue with aesthetic improvements, so we have to look at new, more interesting models. This aspect will definitely not be a problem, even if we consider that the current model competes with supercars such as Audi R8, Mercedes-Benz GT, Porsche 911 and others.

As you might know, the conversion version has been introduced recently, so the current generation comes in two body styles. We are pretty sure that 2020 BMW I8 will continue in the same way, with the coupe and convertible models offered.

Inside, you can’t count on anything other than a lot of luxury. The futuristic design is filled with premium quality materials and lots of standard equipment. We can assume that everything will get better after the redesign.

2020 BMW I8 Interior

We are pretty sure that the 2 + 2 seating configuration will still be there, although we hope the ins and outs of this time will be much more comfortable. The list of standard equipment must be very long, which you would expect from that expensive car.

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2020 BMW I8 Engine, Specification

Although we have heard a lot of speculation about new, all-electric drivetrain, recent reports show that 2020 BMW I8 will continue with the hybrid plug-in design. However, we expect greater power than the current model, which moves from zero to sixty in 4.5 seconds. We can easily agree that this is too long for supercars, especially if we look at the numbers that competitors can give.

2020 BMW I8 Engine

Therefore, the new model may use a four-cylinder gasoline engine that is larger than the current three-cylinder unit. Also, rely on a stronger electric motor, so that maximum output might range between 450 and 500 horsepower. Also, rely on new transmissions, definitely with more than six teeth.

2020 BMW I8 Release Date, Prices

The new 2020 BMW I8 is still waiting for official confirmation. Until then, we can only speculate about possible release dates. We hope the new model will come in around one or two years. We also do not expect greater price changes compared to the current model, which is around $ 147,500 dollars. Pros : Fully redesigned, much more power, attractive, super futuristic design. Cons : Tight cabin, maybe it will stay slower than rivals, too expensive.

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