For decades, Audi has one secret ingredient that can be used to deal with BMW. All wheel drive. Audi Quattro all-wheel drive system has always been the difference between Audi Sport cars from BMW M. Many fans still prefer BMW’s rear wheel drive style, but even so, it’s always Quattro which makes Audi’s fast model stand out. For example, Audi RS4 and its all-wheel drive system always make it a better engine throughout the year and weather resistant than BMW M3. That might change soon.

2020 BMW M3 AWD
2020 BMW M3 New Generation

We recently learned that the new generation BMW M3, which will debut in 2020, will come with a new M xDrive all-wheel drive drive system. For those of you who don’t know, BMW M xDrive system is a standard version of the all-wheel drive xDrive BMW drive system but which is tuned by the famous M Division BMW. This system debuted in the new BMW M5 and was able to turn off the front axle and become a full rear wheel drive until the driver chose the opposite. We have driven a new and sensational BMW M5.

2020 BMW M3 Specs, Powertrain

When the next generation BMW M3 comes out, the two cars will have a twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine, (3.0 liter I6 for BMW, 2.9 liter V6 for Audi), both of which will be all-wheel drive and both may be sourced to ZF eight-speed automation (although we don’t have official confirmation on BMW gearboxes, we assume here). So, powertrain / drivetrain-wise, the car will be very similar.

So it really only leaves the body style of the wagon left to distinguish Audi RS4 from its rival in Bavaria. And even that advantage might be lost too. There are also rumors that BMW M3 can get a variant of the wagon model. Nothing has gotten green yet but there is news that BMW officials are contemplating the idea of ​​a long roof BMW M3, something that has never been produced before.

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In fact, BMW M3 will stand out with its “2WD” mode, which makes the car’s rear-drive as long as the driver chooses. Audi RS4 Audi doesn’t and won’t have anything like that. That is the nature of Quattro.

Such a move for BMW is admittedly kicking Audi right in the teeth. BMW M3 not only gets all wheel drive and thus eliminates the main advantages of Audi RS4, it will have an AWD system that offers more to the driver than the Quattro, with its rear wheel drive mode. Audi Sport engineers should hit the drawing board quickly to produce something to keep Audi RS4 alive as BMW M3 rotates. I think Audi RS4 will be scheduled to refresh at that time.

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