2020 BMW X4 follows the steps of BMW X3 that started. Looks like BMW X3 has a flat roof. This luxury crossover was stated as an idea in 2013. After that, it was launched. This version, which provides a powertrain using BMW X3, is bigger than BMW X3 but smaller. A few months before, the Geneva International Motor Show triggered the theory of cars and cars, one of which we found was 2020 BMW cars.

2020 BMW X4
2020 BMW X4


This is the first time anyone can see BMW X4 will look like. In attached, it might be associated to remind a lot about BMW X3 version. A number of obvious similarities will become fascia, with bumpers, grille and LED lights. Everyone wonders if this new version of BMW X4 will have the ability to exceed Jaguar F-Pace and Mercedes GLC Coupe model.

2020 BMW X4 Design

The new 2020 BMW X4 is designed to look like a coupe rather than an SUV, but it seems without cargo space just to be BMW X3. As we can see in BMW X4 version, signs of design were applied by BMW. The components that are removed are a larger grill, a sleek front seat, a liquid boat, and a taillight that uses the famous “L” style. The outside of BMW X4 is different from its predecessor, and also somewhat lower, and also 3 inches higher; greater than one inch wider. Is that a longer wheelbase, which should translate into more space. You have to give it along with the experience of riding passengers.

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The interior can be shared with the latest BMW X3, which is a place where we can find 10.25-inch touch screen technology that can provide the main interface. It will consist of a BMW iDrive controller that rotates and navigates. The screen comes as an option where you can be linked to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Regarding Apple CarPlay, settings may need to be paid. As far as security technology issues; You will find driver-assistants that include return awake traffic, departure lane warnings, forward collision warnings, shipping controls, and assistance.

2020 BMW X4 Engine

As we mentioned, the latest X4 edition will divide the version selection because the layout is shared by it. 2020 BMW X4 will be available in two variations – the model and M40i version, both of which have alternatives. That’s M40i version that will accelerate this vehicle to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds.

According to BMW, it will need 6.0 minutes to reach speeds of 60 mph. Also, exercise and also to take advantage of their strength comes in metal wheel disposal systems. With automatic transmission; each version will come regardless of variation. BMW X4 will be offered with several powertrain options.

2020 BMW X4 Release Date

Because the concept was on display for quite a long time. It appeared at the 88th Geneva International Motor in March. We all just wait until we reach the anticipated showroom in July for the U.S. market. Version fees that we have been waiting for for a long time, BMW X4; it hasn’t been announced but the cost is estimated to be in this array because everything reminds this version. This will depend on the motorbike version. Even though maybe around $ 60,000 dollars for your BMW X4 fee might start around $ 50,000 dollars.

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