2020 BMW X4 News, Price, Release Date

The upcoming 2020 BMW X4 on the way to a new look, BMW has already provided an official prototype of this SUV. That’s the first time anyone can see how BMW X4 will resemble. From limited, it might be condemned to suggest many new BMW X3 versions. Some of the similarities seen are the front […]

2020 BMW X4 New, Review, Release Date

2020 BMW X4 follows the steps of BMW X3 that started. Looks like BMW X3 has a flat roof. This luxury crossover was stated as an idea in 2013. After that, it was launched. This version, which provides a powertrain using BMW X3, is bigger than BMW X3 but smaller. A few months before, the […]

2020 BMW X4 Redesign, Engine, Release Date

2020 BMW X4 will arrive with several new things. The creation of this fantastic first cross-over happened for several attempts and now it is changing for some up-date. Unlike its opponents, BMW completed its collection with a coupe-like crossover long before. For example, this design has occurred since 2014. It even appeared one season before […]

2020 BMW X4 Release Date

The new 2020 BMW X4 follows mainly the steps of the x3 update that launched last year. It basically looks like an x3 with a flattened roof. This compact luxury crossover SUV was originally announced in 2013 as a concept. Later, at the New York International Auto Show 2014, it was officially launched. BMW X4 […]

2019 BMW X4 Interior, Prices, Release Date

BMW X3 based small SUV model vehicle is finally here. This is a 2019 BMW X4 that has been spied on without camouflage. BMW X4 has been on the market since 2015 and has not been upgraded since then. So, the upcoming 2019 BMW X4 is already under construction and will probably arrive around next […]

2019 BMW X4 Review, Interior, Release Date

Among the car market segments that are currently developing are SUV-coupe segment. Thus, news about the new coupe crossover is only emerging. One company that creates trends is BMW. So it’s no surprise that we’ve written an update on their 2019 BMW X9 SUV. This segment is actually so hard that after three years, the […]

2019 BMW X4 Review, Release Date

If you look at the back of 2019 BMW X4 model, you might mistakenly think that the taillights belong to GLC Mercedes. The assumption was of course wrong because BMW swam in the sea of SUVs long before Benz jumped in. BMW X4 nameplate is one of the pioneers of this segment. As for the […]