New 2019 bmw 3 series g20 interior – BMW Series 3 may not be a BMW best-seller any longer, especially with the unprecedented surge in SUV demand. However, both engineers and designers try their best to make it a smaller version of BMW 5 Series. BMW 3 Series G20 generation will replace F30 sedan that has been with us for years. Development went smoothly, so that its debut at the end of 2018 looked on schedule.

2019 BMW 3 Series G20

Our latest Spyshots provides an almost complete picture of the interior. However, before we talk about it, let’s look at the new outer skin of Series 3. This RWD sedan is very similar to M5. It has spoken shoulders, similar looking headlights and sharp edges in the middle of the kidney lattice, which is completely blocked.

M Sport package has been installed in this special prototype. As in the X2 crossover, this place is less focused on the side intake and more on the eclectic line crossing in the middle.

While this can also be the expected M Performance model like the M340i, the car will have at least one active side grille while both are fake in this case. Also, the exhaust pipe should be square with a little position in the middle, as in the X3 M40i. Our best guess is that we deal with 330i.

Interior borrows a lot from other BMW models, which is extraordinary. After all, there is nothing wrong with having a Series 7 infotainment system in the two-class sedan down. 2019 BMW 3 Series G20 uses digital-part clusters that are not as flexible as all-screen systems used by Mercedes and Audi.

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Other cool things can be seen in the middle, including a large tablet screen and an iDrive controller that has been digitized and squeezed with a new shift lever. Handbrake is gone, but we already know that. Also, the drive mode selector now uses four buttons instead of switching.

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