It is very important that 2019 BMW 3 Series successfully regain sport-sedan supremacy. This has been exceeded in every aspect by its competitors even though its sales remain strong. However, BMW is aware that it needs to pursue its competitors and that is why BMW Series 3 has developed for so long. And finally, we have some news about the real semi-production-ready version.

2019 BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series 2019 specification has finally been revealed after almost a year since we first saw the initial camouflage version. However, the first photographs are something that is close enough to the details we already have in series 3, which only presents a completely new story. All the latest details that we can see in the latest disguised version seem to be ready for production. However, this time is the real thing.

2019 BMW 3 Series is actually an entry-level luxury car that has been produced since 1975. This is the real successor and the true heir of the 02-series. The first generation of this series is only available as a 2-door sedan, but the range of models has expanded to almost all the changes you can imagine, from 4-door sedans to 5-door station carts and 5-door hatchback body styles. Because of the tradition and quality of the car, this model is officially the best-selling model of BMW.

The latest generation, the sixth generation of this model has been in production since 2011. And this generation is important because of many things, including new engines and even the first plug-in hybrid. However, we hope that they will leave the name “Gran Turismo” because 2019 BMW 3 Series is not that.

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BMW 3 Series is officially called G20, and that’s why most of you will find info for that under that name. BMW 3 Series 2019 will roll out with a new longitudinal engine platform which was originally called CLAR which means “Cluster Architecture”. It is one of the main platforms for most modern “premium” vehicles. This is usually used for rear wheel drive cars except for some Audi and SAAB models that have this kind of engine for their front-wheel-drive models. That is, actually, an internal combustion engine where the crankshaft is oriented along the axis of the vehicle, from front to back.

2019 BMW 3 Series Engine, specs, performance

When we talk about platforms, there is no way to avoid BMW 3 Series 2019 engine that is actually built for this platform. The problem is this car will be around 80kg (176lbs) lighter than its predecessor. Which will, in return means that it will offer a much better driving experience. I mean, 80kg is a pretty serious weight reduction.

Weight loss tells us one more thing – better fuel consumption. That means BMW is working hard to change the engine line up. That is why there are some rumors about certain downsizing in that regard.

1.5 liter three cylinder with 135 hp and 165 lb / ft torque;
2.0 liter four cylinder
3.0 liter six cylinder
1.6 liter Diesel three cylinder

Those who want six gasoline factories must immediately wait for M340i. This will be an upgraded version of B58 and will pack some 360hp and 500nm (369 lb-ft). And when you combine all-new xDrive with this type of machine, you get a very fast sedan. However, we are not sure about transmission. We have to wait for some official information about this. But one thing is certain, the 8-speed ZF automatic will be one of the favorite choices in the world.

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Apart from this usual option, we also have to expect complete EV 3 Series, because why not !? Tesla needs some competition. However, we cannot expect a complete EV before 2020. It is clear that BMW is planning some serious changes with their engine lineup due to the CLAR architecture. It’s designed for electrification, and there are rumors about some 90 kWh batteries with a good range of 300 miles. Such technology will carry the 2019 BMW 3-series just above with the Tesla Model 3. There will also be a hybrid version of the plug-in, as in the current BMW 330e.

2019 BMW 3 Series exterior design features

Among the latest details about the exterior of BMW 3 Series 2019, the first thing we noticed was the all-new headlights and taillights, generic projectors, and larger grille. However, we must wait for the finished product before we judge anything. Overall look is similar to the redesigned 5 Series with some serious changes with rear lights and headlights. At the rear, the rear lights are no longer red, but they have a few white lines, maybe for turn signals and reverse lights.

2019 BMW 3 Series interior design features

Biggest change to 2019 BMW 3 Series Interior is that the central infotainment no longer stands out from the console. It’s really integrated into the dashboard and it looks like it’s printed with an instrument panel, which is now fully digital. Just below that, you can see some very thin air vents with semi-hexagonal shapes that add to the stylish interior. Everything else on the dashboard looks more compact and smaller. Also, there are no buttons.

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We must emphasize that we are far from the ready version of production. We don’t even think that there will be some photos free of camouflage in the near future.

2019 BMW 3 Series release date and price

BMW Series 3 2019 will debut in 2018. Because this car is under development, there is no way to find out the exact date of its release. Price of BMW 3 Series 2019 will be similar to the current generation. That means that prices will start in the middle of $ 30,000.

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